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Facebook Dating: Features And Step-By-Step Guide

Facebook Dating is new to the United States and has become available since September 5th of 2019.

Since last year, the app has had a slow worldwide rollout starting in South America and was then released in East Asia before debuting stateside.

Designers made the app for people looking for genuine connections with hopes of creating meaningful relationships, rather than hookups.

Singles who try the Facebook Dating app will notice similarities to the Hinge dating app.

But unlike other apps, Facebook Dating could have a much larger dating pool.

Users who feel burnt out on constant swiping may enjoy the change.

Facebook Dating App Step-by-Step

  1. If you don’t have a Facebook account you’ll need one. You will also need a smartphone. The app works on both iOS and Android. There’s no option to use the app on a computer.
  2. Once you have the Facebook app on a smartphone, open the app and log in.
Facebook app screenshot of menu

3. The Dating feature appears as its own tab within the app. Tap on the three lines that lead to Friends, Groups, Marketplace, etc.

Where to locate Dating on Facebook menu

4. The Dating menu is there with a heart icon. Tap that.

Facebook dating app welcome page

5. The first time you tap, it’ll lead you to a welcome screen. The screens have Facebook’s classic graphics in pink & red.

  • At the top right is their “Safety Tips”. Tap that to see how to stay safe using the app.
  • The bottom text assures you of the privacy of using Dating.
  • Tap “Get Started” to begin creating your profile.

For more safety tips, be sure to read 9 Ways To Spot Romance Scams And How To Avoid Them

Privacy settings

6. The final screen confirms the dating profile is separate from your standard profile. It has an option to edit privacy settings. Under the privacy settings is a toggle switch. This toggle sets who will see the dating profile. Either allowing friends of friends to view your dating profile or strangers only.

Gender and who you want to date selection

7. Then, select your gender. Immediate options include Woman and Man.

  • There’s a square to select “Let’s be more specific”. Additional options include trans-man, trans-women, and non-binary.
  • Select potential matches on the next screen. Decide who interests you. You can pick exclusively men or women. You can also select “Everyone.” This will highlight all 3 selections.

Set your location

8. Specify a Dating Location. The Dating App uses Facebook’s location services. Location isn’t automatically updated for Dating. You can change your location within the “preferences” section of the app.

Selecting profile pictures

9. Choose your pictures. The app suggests a featured photo. There’s an option to change the photo. You can use either Facebook pictures or a new upload from your camera roll or gallery.

To help you select great photos and what to add to your profile read How to Write An Attractive Online Dating Profile.

Review details screen

10. After you set a featured photo, review the profile. Take a second to confirm the settings. Name and Age are automatic from your Facebook profile. You can edit the remaining details later. Tap “Confirm”

Preview suggested profile screen

11. After confirming basic details, next, submit additional information.

If you tap “Complete ProfileManually” then it’ll go into a screen with your main featured photo you selected above, your first name and age will be displayed. Then you can manually type in 3 sentences, 3 words, or 3 emojis to describe yourself, then select more pictures.

Here’s another good read to help with your profile: 10 Online Dating Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

Preview profile screen

12. If you tap “Preview Suggested Profile” from the screen above, it’ll pull some of your “about” information from your main Facebook account:

  • Job, Education, and Hometown. Filling in additional details is optional.
  • Top right is “Preview” to scope out how your profile will look to others.
  • Scroll down further to see more options…

Add photo, answer question and add Instagram post screen

12. When you scroll down you can select from the pictures you already have uploaded on your main account.

  • You can add up to 8 more photos and answer ice breaker questions.
  • Users can write a 500 character intro about themselves.
  • I suggest using one really nice photo of you with makeup, one natural without, and one somewhere in between.
  • Tapping “Done” will take you to potential matches.

Matches screen

14. On the main Dating App screen are three options across the top. Those options are the main features for finding love. They are:

  • The settings wheel on the top right to edit details and general settings.
  • Matches who’ve “Liked You,”.
  • Current “Conversations.”

The main screen presents a profile, with either an X or a heart icon. This is Facebook’s version of swiping.

Tapping the heart icon will “like” a profile and the next sequences will start with this new connection:

  • Photos and answers to icebreaker questions have a text bubble icon. You can use that icon to send a message.
  • Respond directly to an answer or photo.
  • Start a chat to say you have the same idea of a perfect day. Or, that you love the cafe they posted on Instagram.

Read How To Write Awesome Online Dating First Messages to know what to say in your messages.

More on the screen above:

Liked You Preface

Once you’ve been on for a few minutes you’ll start getting a red number on the “Liked you”. If you tap that, it’ll show people who have liked your profile one at a time. Once you get there, the app forces you to scroll down to see their other pictures and what they have to say about themselves. Then it gives you the option to “X” or hit the heart icon.

Only then will it go to the next person who liked you.

Your Preferences

Preferences determine what profiles appear for your Matches. Users can edit them by tapping on the Settings wheel at the top right and the screen below will appear.

Ideal Match edit screen

15. Under preferences, you can adjust details about potential matches. Age, distance, children, religion, even height.

General setting information screen

16. This screen will appear if you tap “General”. As you can see you can set up to show your Instagram posts, Notification Settings, Privacy Settings, take a break from the app or even delete it.

Events , groups and secret crush option screen

17. When you scroll down in the Dating screen there will be 3 more options to add to your dating pool:

“Suggestions from Events” brings up events from your Facebook profile. Both upcoming events and, events in the past. You can pick which of the events your profile will be visible to others.

“Suggestions from Groups” is a similar feature. Your profile can go live for groups you participate in on Facebook.

“Secret Crush” has room for 9 people. These people can be from Facebook and Instagram. Facebook Dating will notify them of your crush only if they “Crush” you as well.

Why The Facebook Dating App Rollout?

I believe facebook came up with the new dating app to lure younger users back to the site.

In general, Facebook usage is on the decline and is considered to belong to parents keeping an eye on the family.

In the last year, 44% of 20-something Facebook users have deleted the app and now, because of Dating, it is their hope that this age group will re-download Facebook onto their phones.

Facebook is tight-lipped about statistics on Dating users but has said the app already results in marriages and engagements.

Considering some new features they are debuting, the app may be worth a try.

A Facebook product manager described the intention of the app and wrote, it’s “trying to connect people who are open to knowing each other in the future. It’s all about opting-in and making sure people are really intentional.”

He goes on to say, it “gives you a more authentic look at who someone is.”

Meaning, profiles are ever-changing with their facebook usage and, not always staying the same as other dating apps tend to be.

On other dating apps once you create your profile that’s the way it stays.

Facebook leverages its data about its users into matchmaking.

Many dating apps required a Facebook profile to sign up but after the launch of the Facebook Dating app, Hinge, and Bumble no longer maintain that requirement.

Apps like Tinder rely on the data Facebook collects about its users but recently, they’ve used Facebook information less.

Facebook Dating App Features

  • Dating is app-only, available for iOS & Android users who are 18 years old and above.
  • Facebook borrowed some current design elements from existing dating apps and it’s likely Hinge app users will be familiar with the interface.
  • Facebook Dating is completely free. This is unlike most dating apps currently available. There are no upgrades (paywall) to pay for access to added features.
  • There aren’t any ads (yet) within the dating app. Lack of ads and paywalls is so Dating feels different from other apps. Both current dating apps and games include both those things.

Once you log on and build your profile, Facebook presents potential matches using the location and preferences you set.

The matches appear on the screen one at a time.

There aren’t any swiping and users must engage more with a profile to either match or reject.

Profiles On Facebook Dating App

  • The Dating profiles are separate from users’ normal Facebook profiles. Dating profiles carry over users’ names and ages. Those details can’t be edited. Matches won’t see each other’s standard profiles. They must friend request the traditional way to see those profiles.
  • Facebook wants creating dating profiles to be easier. Dating profiles only import first name and age. But the app does suggest inclusions from users’ Facebook profiles.
  • Dating profiles have space for users to upload or import up to 9 photos.
  • Like Tinder, users can integrate their Instagram feeds into their profile.
  • Users can write a 500 character introduction. Beyond that, Facebook focuses on “ice-breaker” questions. The dating app integrated answers and pictures. Profiles are a combination of answers and pictures. Facebook believes those questions make starting a chat easier.
  • There are options for trans and non-binary genders as well as cis genders. This is a feature more mainstream apps are adding. Tinder is working with GLAAD. Both Tinder’s genders and orientations will be more inclusive.
  • There are many filters for matching. Potential filters include location within a 10-mile radius. Users specify preferred religion, age, and height. They can even select limits on number of children.

Matching On Facebook Dating

  • Users don’t match with their friends. They do match with people with mutual friends and common interests. Singles can toggle these preferences, to block friends of friends. Only strangers will see the Dating profile. Selecting who is in your dating pool is a unique feature. This is a desirable option for gay, lesbian and bisexual people. Those who don’t want their profile visible if they’re not out in their communities.
  • People blocked on a user’s main profile stay blocked in the Dating app. For some, this may be the most appealing aspect of Facebook Dating. You will never see a blocked ex while swiping.
  • Common interests and likes determine potential matches. An algorithm learns preferences and tries to better matches to users. All apps use algorithms. Facebook’s algorithm has more information. A more informed algorithm may present better matches.

The Messaging Features

  • Like Hinge, chats can’t begin with a “sup” or another one-word conversation starter. Users will respond to photos or ice-breaker questions.
  • Messages between Dating users aren’t part of Facebook Messenger. Other prohibitions include sending photos, payments and files aren’t permitted.

Facebook Dating Interface

  • There is no swiping, users will tap to indicate they’re not interested. Apps with swipe features focus on gut reactions. When users swipe, they make decisions based on a picture. Swiping can make people feel as though matches are disposable and endless.
  • Safety is a priority for Facebook. On the splash page for the launch, next to sign up is “Safety Tips.” These tips run through safe practices for using the app and dating in general.
  • Users choose to share details of their date with trusted friends. Facebook Messenger includes a live location feature for Dating users. This feature is unique to Facebook Dating. Facebook is perfecting the interface for live locations. They want better usability for the feature.
  • The Second Look feature allows users to re-review a profile. Hasty rejections made in error aren’t permanent. This feature is similar to “undo last swipe.” That option is an upgrade (you gotta pay) on Tinder.

More Features


By the end of the year, users will be able to share Stories. Those are the 24-hour disappearing posts.

They are currently on both Instagram and Facebook. Now, they will appear on dating profiles.

This feature is meant to give a snapshot into the lives of potential matches.

Secret Crush

A “secret crush” feature is on Facebook Dating. Users can secretly like friends from Facebook and followers on Instagram. The crush will remain secret unless both users have each other on their lists. When a crush is mutual, Facebook Dating tells both people.

Events Feature

A planned feature reveals profiles to users if they attend the same event.

People must unlock each event, to reveal their profile. Manual unlocking is for user safety.

There’s motivation to introduce yourself at an event but, the person you’re eyeing across the room may not unlock their profile.

Can’t get someone out of your head from Friendsgiving 2014? Facebook lets you opt-in for events from the past.

Tinder is planning a similar feature. They will match users based on their most-visited locations.

Facebook Dating vs Other Dating Apps

Facebook Dating is unlike Tinder and Bumble. Designers built those apps like games. Users swipe left and right. The reward for faster swiping is more matches.

Read more on the best dating apps and see how Facebook’s app compares. It doesn’t make the list yet as it’s still very new.

Facebook Dating is similar to Hinge. The app encourages users to interact. Icebreaker questions and pictures on profiles spark conversation.

Over 50 million people log onto Tinder every day. Those users make nearly 12 million matches. A majority of those people are 25-34.

By comparison, Facebook has 2.41 billion active monthly users. The largest segment of their users is the 25-34 age group. The dating pool on Dating could be larger than other apps.

There are unique features on the app like Secret Crush and unlocking events that aren’t found on other apps.

Dating users can get second chances by either realizing missed connections or friend-crushes. These features may prove to be the biggest allure for new users.

Dating doesn’t require a separate download. It’s in an app where singles spend their time. All these facts will work on Facebook Dating’s favor.

Facebook has the numbers to be the biggest player in the dating app world. Dating veterans will recognize elements from Hinge on Facebook’s new feature.

There are some resemblances to existing apps but, it’s an exciting alternative to Tinder and Bumble.

Users are more likely to find a relationship than a hookup.

Summary Of The App

If I were single I would definitely give it a try. With all it’s unique features that other apps don’t have, I think this will eventually lead the way to stronger connections that daters are looking for.

What do you think?

I’d like to hear what you think of the new Facebook dating app. Please comment below.

Thanks for reading and I wish you love!


P.S. If you are still figuring out which dating app to use, be sure to read POF Review- 6 Reason It’s The Best Dating Website For You.


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