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10 Online Dating Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

Your online dating profile is the first impression others see. Here are 10 common mistakes people make that you need to avoid.

Online dating has become one of the most popular ways of meeting potential romantic partners, but it’s not easy for everyone.

Does your profile attract the kind of people who interest you?

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Do you think you’re being passed over or not given a chance?

The problem could be that your profile is sending the wrong messages to possible dates.

Are you making one of these 10 online dating profile mistakes?

1. You don’t have any profile pictures.

When you neglect to put a picture on your dating profile, you are sending one of two messages.

Either you aren’t serious or you have something to hide.

A picture helps make you real in the eyes of others.

When you don’t have a picture, people start wondering what you’re lying about.

They may worry that you are a different gender or age than you claim to be.

So make sure you have at least one picture on there but 4 is the magic number!

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2. You have a dumb username.

Ideally, your username should be unique and eye-catching.

If you can’t reach that, at least make it normal.

Use something you enjoy or something special about you.

You might be celloplayer or softballandswimming.

Don’t be ilikebigbutts or smellycat.

Absolutely avoid anything sexual or pushy like date4you or wantyou2nite.

If you’re not sure about your username choice, ask some friends what they think.

3. Your picture is immature.

When you consider your picture, think about who you are trying to attract.

There’s nothing wrong with having a silly side to your personality, but don’t reflect that in your profile picture.

Sticking out your tongue or striking a ridiculous pose just makes you look like a child.

Trying too hard to look sexy is also a problem.

Most of the time you’ll end up coming off as creepy or people will wonder if you’re trying to make a joke.

4. You are too demanding.

Setting up an online dating profile is not the same thing as placing an order.

Your profile should focus on who you are rather than what you want.

Don’t make statements telling other people what they should or shouldn’t be, especially if it relates to physical qualities.

When you write, “You must be taller than 5’4” or even “no blondes” you sound like a jerk.

Having rigid rules about who you would and wouldn’t accept seriously limits your options and can definitely work against you.

Sometimes people hit it off with someone they never would have considered.

It’s a mistake to do that to yourself.

5. You sound just like everyone else.

Put something in your profile that tells other people what is unique about you.

Give them a reason to take notice and remember you.

If someone has seen 40 different profiles in one afternoon, what is going to stand out about yours?

If the answer is nothing, you need to fix it.

6. You left questions blank.

You have to answer the questions.

Leaving them blank makes it seem like you don’t care, you’re too lazy to bother or you’re not smart enough to figure out what to say.

The questions are designed to help other people get to know you.

Answer each question and put some thought into it.

Let your personality shine.

7. You are too suggestive.

Unless you are using an online dating app or website that is specifically geared toward finding a sexual partner, you should leave sex out of your profile.

Being too suggestive gives readers an immediate sense that you’re all about sex.

Is that really the impression you’re trying to make?

And do you really want to be contacted by someone because you’ve said something dirty?

Most people who make sexual statements or jokes in their profile are just trying to get attention, but you need to consider what type of attention you really want.

8. You didn’t proofread.

Just like in school, spelling and grammar count.

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, but your profile should be flawless.

Otherwise, you give the impression that you’re not very smart.

9. You talk about your ex.

Avoid the temptation to mention your previous relationships.

People who are looking for love don’t want to hear about who you used to date, and they definitely don’t want to hear your complaints about that person.

This includes making comments that imply you had a bad relationship.

Don’t make statements like, “I’m looking for someone drama free” or “I’m tired of the liars and cheaters.”

The negativity is a turn-off.

10. You gave too much personal information.

Don’t give away your personal information like your full name, where you live or where you work in your profile.

This turns people away from you because it makes you seem stupid or desperate.

It’s also really dangerous and you can expose yourself to online scams.

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In Conclusion…

Online dating can be successful, but it helps to put the odds in your favor.

Start by being sure you aren’t making any of these 10 dating profile mistakes.

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