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How to Write An Attractive Online Dating Profile

Creating an online dating profile can stump the best of us and many don’t have a clue on where to even begin, let alone write an attractive one.

But have no fear, help is right here!

Online dating is the way to go for singles who are too busy, or too shy, to meet people in real life.

But with millions of people competing for attention on every dating site out there, how can you increase your chances of meeting someone?

Apart from an attractive picture, an enticing profile is the best way to stand out from all those other people.

The top four dating websites you can start with are:



Plenty Of Fish


or how about trying the new Facebook Dating App.

Here is a video with Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon from Bachelor Nation where they invite 4 people for dinner and critique their dating profiles.

I know it’s a bit long but if you stick around you’ll get some great tips on how to have a rockin profile!

Wasn’t that fun?

Did you learn anything?

And now, let’s create yours using these amazing tips for that mind-blowing profile.

Be Your Weird Self

Man dancing funny

The best profiles are those that make your unique, and yes sometimes weird, personality shine through.

Don’t be afraid to let people see your unique side in all its glory.

Things like loving Harry Potter, eating breakfast for dinner, or a dark sense of humor is what will attract that someone who is like you, to you.

Tell them how you always sing in the shower or dance with your dogs.

It will also make them feel that they can show their true self, because the truth is, everybody has a weird side.

Having a weird or different side means you’re not like everyone else and that something could be the factor that leads you from being liked to being head over heels in love with.

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Be Positive In Your Dating Profile

Negativity kills all the good vibes you want to create in your profile.

Even though you want to be upfront about what you don’t like, there is a better way to go about it than sounding negative.

For example, you can say you are looking for a guy who is confident, hardworking, and driven, instead of saying you don’t like lazy, irresponsible people.

Try to sound nice rather than threatening, so people will approach you with ease.

Never use the word “Hate” in anything you say.

Being positive on your online dating profile sends the message that you are emotionally intelligent and would be uplifting to be around in person.

Give Details Of Your Interests

Man's photography interest - Photographer taking picture

If you have visited a few dating profiles, you may have noticed that everybody says they love hiking, cooking, and having fun, but what does this actually mean?

By avoiding cliches and giving specifics about what you like is what will make your profile stand out from the rest.

Instead of saying you love cooking, share a dish you love to cook.

If you’re into photography explain why you love it and how your pictures make you feel.

Instead of saying you love hiking, go into details about your favorite hiking spots, how hiking makes you feel, or why you do it.

Use specific details about the things you like to do for fun and your profile will be more interesting and authentic.

Give Them Bait To Reply

There are so many generic profiles on dating sites that leave you with no opening to start a conversation.

This means that most people will read it and move on because they don’t know what to use to get the conversation rolling.

The best way to receive more “quality” messages on a dating site is to leave bait for your suitors, so they will bite.

The way to do this is to subtly talk about what’s important to you and by doing this, it’ll get them thinking.

For example, being reliable, showing up on time and doing what you say you’re going to do, then ask them how they are when it comes to reliability.

Or, you could end your profile with conversation starters like ask me what I am reading, tell me what you are doing for fun this summer, or guess what my favorite food is.

These short phrases will give someone ideas for how to start a conversation with you, and you can go from there.

Be Diverse On Your Online Dating Profile

Diversity is what life is all about.

The last thing you want is for the person reading your profile to think you are boring.

Showcase your many sides.

Show how interesting your life is, as long as it’s true.

Go into some details about your career, your hobbies, your passions, and even your pets.

It’s also a good idea to include if you have kids, to weed out anybody who doesn’t want kids.

One word of caution; don’t give out too much personal information.

After all, these people are strangers until you get to know them.

When it comes to dating, especially online, it’s all about making a good first impression.

Unlike meeting in person, you may get only one chance to connect with a person, so make it count.

A great profile can give you that chance.

Check Your Spelling

One of the free tools you can use to make sure you’re spelling words correctly is Grammarly.

Grammarly has a Chrome extension that you can install that is great for checking not only spelling but also, punctuation and grammar usage.

Having a profile that has numerous spelling and punctuation errors can be a turn-off for a lot of people.

If you’re not great at spelling, that’s okay just don’t show it on your online dating profile.

Use Up To Date Photos

Asian woman taking self portrait for dating app profile picture

Your picture is the first impression of you so be sure to choose them carefully.

They will be the determining factor whether someone will stop and take a look at your profile or not.

Professional photographers are expensive but if you can afford to pay one, do it.

If you’re a woman you can get away with taking a selfie, but if you’re a man, have a friend take a picture of you.

Both sexes already know that women like to take selfies and it’s socially acceptable, but for a man, you may come off as vain.

Whatever you do, be sure to have clear pictures of the top half of your body with a clear headshot and face.

Be sure to smile, no duck faces or using those Snap Chat filters with the giant glasses or bunny ears.

It’s okay to use Beauty Face filters on your camera setting to soften wrinkles and to give a bit of an airbrush quality as a professional photographer will do some of these edits anyway.

Just don’t get carried away as you don’t want to be misleading.

And, be as natural as possible.

It’s okay if you have a glamour picture but also include a picture where you’re your natural self, with a winning and genuine smile.

Not done yet, there’s more…

Include a solo (not with anyone else in the picture) whole body shot doing something you enjoy like hiking, stand up paddleboarding, etc.

If you’re not completely comfortable with your weight, do it anyway.

This shows you are happy and confident with yourself and confidence is very attractive.

Add one photo with your friends or family doing something fun like at a sports event or a picnic.

This will give them an idea of what life will be like with you.

One more important things about photos

Stay classy with tasteful photos.

Don’t show too much cleavage, and for men, keep your shirt on.

You don’t want to attract the wrong kind of people, men or women who only want a fling or are out there just for sex.

Make Your Profile Short And Sweet

While it’s important to include what is suggested here there are ways to shorten them and get what you want across.

Having too much to say conveys you’re set in your ways and aren’t open-minded.

And it might be added here that talking about yourself the whole time may come across as you’re too into yourself.

Be sure to talk about the person you’re looking for and a bit about what you can offer in a relationship with them

Remember, do it in a fun and mature way and never be demanding.

Have A Sense Of Humor

Woman reading a humorous dating profile on cell phone

Having a sense of humor is very attractive to both males and females.

Laughter naturally makes a person feel good inside, attracts others to us and boosts relationship bonds.

There are different ways to show that funny side of you like showing a picture of you doing something dorky or a cheezy headline, and even a snarky remark.

By being a bit humorous shows you don’t take life too seriously and that you can be fun to be around.

Be Honest And Not Conflicting

Including a picture of you partying and drinking but yet say that you don’t like drinking or people who drink too much is conflicting.

Lying about your age then saying you don’t like liers is conflicting.

By the way, don’t ever lie about your age because you will be meeting someone eventually and that could be a deal-breaker.

Be honest about your weight or size.

There are plenty who are attracted to plus-sized men or women, especially confident ones.

Show that you have integrity and be what you advertise on your profile when you show up to meet for the first time.

To sum it all up, to have an attractive online dating profile means not being lazy.

Your competition is taking the time to write up their profile and you want to stand out among the rest.

Just saying, “Just ask”, is lazy and will be skipped over.

So take the time to think about and craft your dating profile before you put it out there.

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Your Turn!

Watch this hilarious video that is a result of an online dating profile generator.

I would love to see a snippet of what you come up within your dating profile especially a great humorous line or a creative way you state your interests.

Add your comments below.

Have fun and I wish you love and happiness,


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